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This page uses data from Health Care Without Harm’s (HCWH) Healthy Food in Health Care (HFHC) 2017 survey of New England hospitals, which asked them to report their spending in 2016. The survey went to our network of 150 hospitals and 54 responded. This is a response rate of 36%. The data provided in this section is based on information from the survey respondents. Please note that this data is self-reported and may conflict with other data sources. Some of the data has been extrapolated to the full population of HCHW’s network of hospitals.

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Hospitals in All New England States Reported Buying Local Food. 

MA had the highest number of respondents purchasing local food, followed by Maine and New Hampshire. 

At Least 63% of Respondents in Each State Reported Purchasing Local Food 

An average of 63% of Connecticut respondents said they purchased local food. The percent of Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont was in the 70th percentile range, while New Hampshire and Rhode Island average exceeded 80%. 


Hospitals Buy Local Food from Different Sources

Thirty-four percent of respondents said they buy local food from their broadline distributor, while 31% reported buying local food from secondary distributors. Nearly a third were buying local food directly from farmers. Far fewer were accessing local food from food hubs, producer cooperatives, or other sources. 

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