The New England Farm to Institution Metrics Dashboard provides at-a-glance information about the farm to institution sector in New England. The dashboard shows the scope and impact of the food purchases made by K-12 schools, institutions of higher education, and hospitals. It also shows how these and other types of institutions make an impact on New England food producers and food distributors. 

The New England Farm to Institution Metrics Project was initiated by Farm to Institution New England in March 2015 to inform New England farm to institution stakeholders (e.g., practitioners, policy makers, funders and financers, researchers) about the role of the farm to institution sector in our regional food system. It is a data-driven overview of the impact of the farm to institution supply chain, from production through consumption.

The project focuses on three institutional sectors: K-12 schools, institutions of higher education, and hospitals.

Project data comes from national sources like the USDA's Farm to School Census, Census of Agriculture, and Food Atlas and regional data collected by our partners, and original research conducted by FINE in partnership with Health Care Without Harm. The Metrics Project implemented three original surveys designed to fill gaps in existing baseline information on the farm to institution sector in New England. The first was of food distributors. The second was of all colleges and universities with dining services. The third was of farmers. 

This project presents data from 982 schools, 105 colleges, 38 hospitals, 56 food distributors and 4,650 farmers in New England. We communicate key findings through this dashboard,  a set of six State Profiles, a series of three original survey research reports, a Cross Sector Infographic, and an About the Data memo. We also make regular presentations to state, regional, and national audiences. Contact Project Manager Nessa Richman at nessa@farmtoinstitution.org for more information. 

Have fun exploring, and let us know if you have any feedback!


Work Team

Project Manager: Nessa Richman, Farm to Institution New England
Senior Researcher: Lydia Oberholtzer, Community & Food Systems Resources
Research Associate: Thai Ha-Ngoc, The Daily Table (formerly of the Kendall Foundation)
Project Assistant: Ninya Loeppky, The John Merck Fund
Communication Coordinator: Kaitlin Haskins, Farm to Institution New England

Advisory Team

Peter Allison, Farm to Institution New England
Molly Anderson, Middlebury College
Courtney Bourns, Henry P. Kendall Foundation
David Conner, University of Vermont
Jill Fitzsimmons, University of New Hampshire
Gemma Gorham, Gemma Gorham Consulting
Christine James, John Merck Fund
Dawn King, Brown University
Jiff Martin, University of Connecticut Extension
Jennifer Obadia, Health Care Without Harm
Riley Neugebauer, Farm to Instittuion New England


Farm to Institution New England received gracious funding from the following funders to conduct research and develop this dashboard.